Who I am…

I’m DJ Bells, or some call me Johnny B, Bellsie, J-Bells, Juan, or simply John. However it is you address me, it’s nice to meet you. I’m a very caring and passionate person and I love what I do. I have been messing with music since the late 70’s (yes, I’m that old) and started DJ’ing when I was 14, which turned into a business, Rhythm Productions. Through many years of gaining experience in the world of entertainment, with an intense work ethic, and adding in a little creativity, I’m now on a solo artistic path. I’m intensely studying music production, music theory, and teaching myself piano. I believe that all I’ve learned in the past and what I’m challenged with in the future, will give me a great deal of knowledge to share with an up coming younger generation. Getting high off of driving a dance floor is my drug of choice. It’s natural, its organic, and just feels good.
Growing up and being born in Newport, RI, I’ve been blessed to have worked with a network of industry professionals and I’m regularly referred by catering companies, photographers, event planners, friends, family, and local surrounding businesses.

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