Details, FAQ, and the fine print.

Please fill out the rate form to check availability or contact me at Bookings typically start rolling in a year in advance, but there’s always a chance for last minute bookings.

Let’s Meet
Please email me for an appointment at

Music and Requests
I ask,  “What type of music do you prefer?” It is important that the right songs are selected for both you and your guests.  Usually a mix of light background music during cocktail hour and instrumental or jazz during dinner is typical, but you, the client, has full range of music choice during your event. When it’s time to dance, I’ll mix it up through different genres and keep the dance floor moving.
If requests are made during your event, I’ll do my best to honor them. If I do not have a particular song that you request, I’ll obtain it, or ask you to provide it.  If there are songs or artists that you do not care to hear, let me know, and I will not play them.

Arrival Time
I’ll arrive an hour to ninety minutes before the guests arrive, which gives me adequate time for a proper setup. I like to test my sound system in all areas of the room, as well as make my work station the least invasive as possible and fitting in with the overall appearance of the space.

I always dress in proper attire unless the client suggest otherwise. I mainly stick to non-alcoholic beverages while DJ’ing events, unless the occasional glass of whiskey sneaks in. I promote a professional DJ service by staying in the background and entertaining the guests by creative music programming and skilled mixing. I also provide the proper emceeing and guide your guests in the right direction.

I use professional gear and keep a regular maintenance schedule. The sound system is properly located and tested before each and every event. As always, with technology, backup is on hand. In my line of work, organization is a must, which means the workstations must be kept clean.
Technically, I linked two independent sound systems  together. On the left side I use Ableton Live software on a SSD Macbook Pro, with an Akai APC40 midi controller. The sound is channeled through a Saffire Pro 40 audio interface that runs into the main mixing board.
On the right side, a Macbook Pro running OTS DJ software. It’s all channeled into a Pioneer DJM800 mixer along with a Sennheiser wireless mic and an Audix wired mic. The current sound is being pushed through two LD Maui 28 G2 stacks with a QSC K10 Monitor.

Up-Lighting is available! The lights are battery-powered LED lights, wirelessly remote controlled, and built in a clean white housing about half the size of a shoebox. Not only will the lights offer a spectacular accent to the space, there are no cords or wires, which eliminates unnecessary clutter and can be located just about anywhere. Wireless, dimmable, and capable of producing pure white light up-to the full color range allows for limitless color mixing options, in-turn I’ll be able to coordinate with your color theme

I use professional microphones at events. For simplicity, I typically use a wired mic for my announcements and provide a wireless mic for speeches, toasts, etc. I will MC the formal announcements and also give you and your guests general direction of ‘what’s going on’ throughout the event. As always, I keep the mic chatter to a minimum.

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