Wireless, dimmable, and capable of producing pure white light up-to the full color range allowing limitless color mixing options

Blithewold Mansion Tent with lighting

If you feel you want to enhance the space with lighting and color, it’s an option.

Lights are placed at tent pole bases to be out of the way and to avoid foot traffic.

LED battery-powered, wirelessly remote controlled, and built in a clean white housing.

At Belle Mer the lights were located at each column and at a few various locations.

The lights offer a spectacular accent to any space, no cords or wires, and can be located just about anywhere.

Lights can be placed on shelves too.

Darker colors may be appropriate depending on the space and type of event.

This is just showing off a darker tone the lights can produce for the right space.

 [hdwplayer id=6]

Color wash test with Hex4 up-lighting