party like its…

My philosophy is to mix a well balanced set of music that you, your friends, and family can relate to, dance to, and move to. As guests arrive I’ll set the vibe and mood with the music playing in the background. As the night progresses the energy in the music will shift as I kick it up and drive people to the dance floor.

This might be one of those Shout moments.

I like to incorporate your tastes and customizes music sets to your liking. I’ll meet with you before your event to review your playlist as well as any personal details like introductions, toasts, and special announcements.

It’s always nice to see a full dance floor, it’s also nice to join in every now and then too!





Playlists that previous clients have provided. (Dated Material)

P1 – Party Rocking to Wagon Wheelin’.pdf
P2 – Easy Listening to Polish Dancing
P3 – Avicii to Shout to Macklemore
P4 – PYT to Groovy and Gettin Lucky
P5 – Motown to 80s to Disco
P6 – Top40 to Sinatra to Metalica
P7 – 90’s HipHop to Rock to Sing Alongs
P8 – Pulp Fiction to Jazz & Dylan

Example only to hear music transitions.

Example only to hear music transitions..

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